Future Earnings Agreements

The University that invests in you

The University of Buckingham believes in you and in the education it provides.

To help home undergraduate students meet tuition fee costs we are launching Future Earning Agreements (FEA), which are a form of deferred payment scheme whereby a portion of course fees are waived in exchange for an agreement to repay a fixed percentage of post-graduation earnings for a limited period.

What can a Future Earning Agreement offer you?

Up to £10,400 of tuition fees can be waived until after graduation, and the repayment obligation is tied to your future earnings rather than by reference to a rate of interest. If your earnings are low, or you are unemployed, there is no obligation to repay anything at that time.

It means the interests of the student and the university are aligned. If you do well, we recover our costs.

How is The University of Buckingham committed to our students?

We have always had a commitment to teach our students skills that will help them with their careers, as evidenced by our 6th place ranking for Employability in the 2022 Good University Guide, ahead of most Russell Group Universities. With the launch of Future Earning Agreements, we are sharing the risk our students take as a sign of our confidence in what we can do for you.

Who can apply for FEA?

Please note that at present we are only able to make this offer for undergraduate home students studying these eligible FEA courses.

How can I apply for FEA?

As a Future Earning Agreement is a financial product they are actually offered and administered by our partner StepEx who are regulated by the UK’s financial regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority.

Please visit the StepEx website to see all the details of how a Future Earning Agreement works and to make an application. If you have any issues with this link please e-mail contact@Stepex.co

Note: It is still necessary to apply for your course of study through UCAS or on this website via the relevant course page.