Tutorial and small group teaching

Great student:staff ratio

Small group teaching is a hallmark of our University.

We believe that when you are stretching your learning boundaries, you’ll find it helpful to have regular and meaningful interaction with the academics who are leading your studies.

Our academics will take the time to get to know you so that they are able to give you very personal feedback and guidance throughout the duration of your course.

We have one member of staff for every 10 students, whereas the UK university average is one member of staff to every 16 students (source: The Complete University Guide 2018).

This ratio alongside our weekly Oxbridge-style tutorials (of around six students) ensures that a high and continuous level of support is maintained, from an academic to a pastoral point of view.

The University prides itself on being a small and friendly environment to study, live and work, and with around 2,700 students (approx 1,600 on campus) – you won’t get lost in a lecture class of 300 students, nor will you be 50th in line for borrowing a particular book from the library.