Marcos Kauffman (LLB 2016)

The subject of law, and its impact on societies and businesses, has always fascinated me. However, due to entering the job market very young and focusing my studies on professional development around business, manufacturing and supply chain, I was unable to study law until later in my career, which brought me to the part-time LLB at Buckingham.

The University of Buckingham’s part-time law degree programme has enabled me to complete a high-quality LLB delivered by superb lecturers in a very stimulating environment. Furthermore, as the LLB is versatile, and equips students with a broad skill set to apply to every business relation (understanding of legal processes, logical reasoning, critical thinking and analysis capabilities), it has been very beneficial in furthering my career, has definitely set me apart and, finally, has given me a unique perspective on my line of business.

The programme has also given me with an opportunity to go into postgraduate studies, as I am now on a PhD programme sponsored by my employers, exploring the relations between new business models and law.

I strongly recommend this LLB programme to all my colleagues and friends. And this recommendation applies as much to those such as myself, who are not interested in practising law, as to those who are contemplating a career in law.

I really enjoyed the course, meeting my fellow students and the lecturers, and above all, the challenges along the way and the great feeling of achievement in the end of it.