Laura Vasiliu (LLB 2011)

Why did I choose to join the Buckingham part-time law degree? Partly because I knew it has a very good reputation, and partly because I was convinced that it had to offer Laura Vasiliu, LLB Law the most stimulating, intellectual and diverse environment…. and I wasn’t wrong!

As a foreigner living in the UK and looking to take a degree, I also wanted to have the opportunity to be part of a relatively small and intimate programme so that I would feel included, rather than just being anonymous, and I am glad to say that this has been my experience from the first moment I entered the Buckingham University premises. The tutors are a true inspiration and it’s a privilege to share the passion with which they teach.

I found that the support given every step of the way and the resources provided are fantastic to help you to achieve the best of you at all times, especially for a foreign student such as myself.

My experience so far as a law student has been very challenging, but it has been worth it. Despite the commitments and high demands I have towards my job, I have found that working with passionate people and receiving their encouragement is very rewarding.

So I encourage you to step in regardless of what you plan to do after law school, as the moments and experiences here will remain with you for life.