Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Dedicated to constantly improving our experience for everyone

What we do

We are committed to creating and maintaining an environment within which inclusive learning, fair treatment and diversity are valued and discrimination is challenged. The diversity and inclusion committee are dedicated to constantly improving our experience for everyone and addressing any discrimination or equality issues.

The committee monitor the University’s procedures and regularly undertake data analysis and conduct focus groups to better the student experience across all of our academic areas and wellbeing initiatives. Working closely with Students First and ASK teams, the committee also provide extra teaching and learning resources to help students with their study skills and overall university life.

The committee has the additional following objectives:

  • Regularly meet and talk to all current students, particularly those from underrepresented groups so that we can enhance our curriculum and University experience.
  • Help improve the academic outcomes of students with protected characteristics where data suggest that they may not be reaching their full potential.
  • Identify how the University can become more flexible and facilitate more part-time study, especially for mature students.
  • Engage with local, national and international Further Education and secondary education staff to deliver wider value to sixth form students.

Any student or staff member who has ideas of how we can better embrace our cultural diversity, or who feels they have experienced or witnessed a discrimination or equality issue, are strongly encouraged to speak to one of the committee team.

The Committee

Our Diversity and Inclusion Committee has 20 members from across the University, with representatives from both academic and professional services. The committee is Chaired by Catherine Damon.