Estimated Living Costs

In addition to your tuition fees, you must also consider the other student living costs for Buckingham: accommodation and day-to-day living costs. Find out more about accommodation.

You will be required to pay your first term’s accommodation charges before Registration (payment must be made within 10 days of a room offer being made). Subsequent charges will be included on your termly invoice. It’s important that you work out your likely living costs and learn to budget accordingly. We have talked to students at Buckingham and the table below gives an idea of what to expect. You may be able to get by on a little less; and you’ll certainly be able to spend far more!

Estimated student living costs for Buckingham

ExpensePer year
Accommodation (including utilities)£5,000 – £7,500
Entertainment, bar, etc.£800
UK travel£250

So your annual costs at university are likely to be in the region of £11,000 a year, depending on where you decide to live. Utilities (gas, electricity, water, etc.) are included in University accommodation charges but are not normally included if you rent a flat or house.

To help with the student living costs for Buckingham, you can apply for a Maintenance Loan of up to £8,200 per annum in the same way as students at other universities.

Obviously costs will vary from person to person, and travel costs will increase if your accommodation is some distance from the campus or you decide to make frequent trips to other parts of the country visiting friends and family or sightseeing. Local students will make large savings if they live at home – especially if parents pay the food bill!

No allowance has been made for overseas travel or holidays.

To offset these costs, many students find part-time work. You should be careful that such work does not interfere with your studies: a maximum of 16 hours per week is recommended.