Nicola Maynard (LLB 2013)

From a young age I had an interest in the criminal law and my ambition was to practise as a solicitor in this field. I also knew when I left school that I didn’t want to take the conventional route of full-time university. Instead, I secured a position at a law firm as a receptionist at the age of 17. I made good progress and, in 2001, joined the Criminal Litigation Department as a paralegal. My supervising partner encouraged me to undertake my police station accreditation. Once this was finished he and another colleague, who had studied at Buckingham, spoke to me about undertaking the part-time Law degree at Buckingham. I submitted my application, met with the course director and was offered a place.

This proved the perfect time for me to undertake the degree, allowing me to draw on life and work experiences whilst continuing to do the job I loved. The course is challenging and demanding but the course director and lecturers are all very supportive and, with their support and the support of fellow students, it was made considerably easier.

I am now undertaking my Legal Practice Course (LPC) part-time simultaneously with my Training Contract at a leading criminal law firm. This combination is possible because of the existence of the Part Time Study Training Contract. This option is perfect for those already working in law firms, as it allows you to run your Training Contract concurrently with your study and, for me, means I will qualify as a solicitor on completing my LPC.

For me the Buckingham part-time Law degree was absolutely perfect for my purposes and has allowed me to fulfil my ambitions.