Ian Mackenzie (LLB 2008)

Law is traditionally a demanding and highly challenging discipline, requiring time consuming extensive library based research and study. Which would make studying Law Ian Mackenzie (LLB 2008)part-time in addition to work or family commitments almost impossible. Thankfully, this is not an issue with the Buckingham course as all student are supplied with comprehensive module materials, which include all the relevant cases and references to further reading, which is also provided. So even the student on the tightest time schedule will be able to manage the reading commitments.

The combined lecture seminar sessions are designed to be thought provoking and interesting with the first half dedicated to exploring the law in question, followed by a seminar session which is usually in the format of applying the subject to a problem scenario. Given that the study and practice of law is largely centred on problem solving, by introducing this skill from the start it allows students to be fully prepared for examination questions and the practice of law.