Michael Chambers (LLB 2009)

I have been a Project Manager for over 10 years, managing many complex initiatives for various blue chip organisations. However, about 5 years ago, I realised there was a Michael Chambers (LLB 2009)gap in my range of skills, and that gap was legal know-how. I felt I would be in greater control of my projects if I also had a good understanding of their legal dimensions. This insight brought me to Buckingham Law School, and its 4-year Part-time Law degree.

When I embarked on my law degree at Buckingham Law School, I was delivering projects that involved increasing dependence of legal factors. I have found that the Buckingham Law degree has played a significant role in my ability to assess the implications of these legal factors, not least because they no longer seem like double Dutch, allowing me to interact meaningfully with my lawyers and actively contribute to the solution of problems raised by legal regulation. Combining legal skills with my traditional delivery skills has made me a more versatile and resourceful manager.