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Cyber and Interpersonal Behaviour Research (CIBR)

The School of Psychology is actively involved in research exploring human behaviour, emotions and experiences in relation to technology and the impact of technology on individuals both online and offline. In addition, we examine offline social processes, emotions, mental resilience and interpersonal and intergroup relations across the lifespan. Examining both cyber and real-world behaviour, this dynamic research hub draws together different strands within Psychology, including Cyberpsychology, Social Psychology and the study of Group Behaviour. We currently have wide-ranging active research projects and welcome expressions of interest from postgraduate students at MSc and PhD level interested in interpersonal research and Cyberpsychology, as well as from potential collaborators. Our current research interests include:

  • Cyberbullying, cyberaggression and other online risks
  • Parental and school mediation strategies in relation to online safety
  • Motivations and social effects of gaming, including Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
  • Human robot interaction
  • Media consumption and influence on attitudes and beliefs
  • Individual differences in online expression and self-presentation
  • Bystander behaviour, prosocial behaviour and social identities
  • The role of imagination on social cognition
  • Emotion regulation and mental toughness

Much of our research in this area also focuses on intervention and prevention efforts, including an active project aimed at addressing cyberbullying among children and adolescents (Dr. Popovac), work with local sports teams assessing the links between sport performance and well-being (Dr. Martin) and improving our understanding of prosocial behaviours (Dr. Manning). We currently collaborate with a number of universities in the UK and abroad as well as local sports teams, schools and organisations.

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