Staff Research Interests

The research interests of the Department extend from the ‘pure’ to the ‘applied’ and include:

Professor Sabah A Jassim: Head of Department, a pure mathematician by training with strong interest in computation reliant on efficient mathematical techniques and structures. Research interests and expertise include: Group theory and Riemann surfaces; Wavelet-based image processing, Biometrics, Image/video compression and indexing; Watermarking; Feature analysis in biomedical images; Security and performance of mobile wireless networks; Image-quality based adaptive face recognition; Visual speech and word recognition; and Biometric CryptoSystems. He has been involved in EU projects including the FP6 SecurePhone and BroadWan, and is in active collaboration with European universities and research institutes.

Mr Hongbo Du: Mr Du’s primary area of research is database systems and data mining. He is interested broadly in data mining techniques and their applications in various problems. He is currently interested in the application of data mining techniques in image and biological data. He is also interested in human-computer interaction and visual languages, and supervising research students in these areas. Mr Du is the grant holder of a European Tempus project (JEP-41058-2006), in developing the MSc in Computer Graphics for the Media Industry at Sarajevo School of Science and Technology, a partner institution of Buckingham.

Dr Naseer Al-Jawad: Dr Al-Jawad has two main research areas; image processing and networks. In image processing Dr Al-Jawad is interested in wavelet-based image/video processing / analysis, feature extraction, image/video feature preserving compression, wavelet based image quality measurements, noise detection, and content-based video indexing and retrieval. The network interest includes cross-technologies wireless networking, and wired & wireless routing. Finally Dr Al-Jawad is interested in multimedia and web techniques research where the two main research areas, image processing and networks, can be pooled together.

Professor Harin Sellahewa: Professor Sellehewa is Research Lecturer in Computer Science conducting research in context-aware biometrics and automated biomedical image analysis and contributes to the supervision of research students. During the latter stages of his DPhil at Buckingham, Professor Sellahewa worked on the EU-funded SecurePhone project as a Research Associate. Besides face recognition for constrained devices, his research interests includes biometric template security and user privacy; sample quality based adaptive biometric systems; automated analysis of biomedical images and biological assays; content-based image/video indexing.