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BSc, DPhil (Buckingham)

Professor Harin Sellahewa holds a BSc in Information Systems and a DPhil in Computing, both from The University of Buckingham. During the latter stages of his DPhil, he worked as a Research Associate on the EU-funded FP6 project, SecurePhone, led by Professor Sabah Jassim. He then joined the Gray Cancer Institute (now the Gray Institute for Radiation Oncology & Biology, University of Oxford), as a post-doctoral scientist to work with Professor Boris Vojnovic on the award winning CyMap project. Harin’s role was to develop algorithms to automatically detect, count and track cells.

He rejoined Buckingham in 2008 as a researcher, became a Senior Lecturer in July 2012 and a Reader in January 2018. He was appointed Head of Applied Computing Department (in School of Science) in November 2014, Interim Dean of School of Computing from 1st September 2018, and Dean of Computing from 1st September 2019. Since joining Buckingham, Harin has held the roles of Programme Director, Admissions Tutor, Research Officer and Link Tutor.

Harin’s research interests are in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning. He has co-authored over 50 peer-reviewed journal/conference papers and a book chapter. He has successfully supervised/co-supervised over a dozen PhD projects and continues to supervise a number of PhD projects in AI, Biometrics, Digital Health, and Cyber Security. He is the module lead for Image Processing, Software Project Management, and Software Engineering.

Harin was the Lead Academic of a successfully completed two-year Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) project, jointly funded by Innovate UK and Deepnet Security Limited. He is the Lead Academic of the recently awarded KTP project, jointly funded by Innovate UK and Russell IPM. More recently, he has expanded his work into augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) with a particular interest in their use in education. He is leading the Education 4.0 project in partnership with JISC, and spearheaded by Sir Anthony Seldon.

Harin is a passionate promotor of STEM; he has spoken at schools, science forums and public engagement events; organised and participated in several STEM activities (coding tasters, AR and VR experiences); and launched a campaign to increase diversity in Computing.

Tel: +44 (0)1280 828332

Selected Publications

  • Wasseem Al-Obaydy & Harin Sellahewa, “On using high-definition body worn cameras for face recognition from a distance”
  • H. Al-Assam, H. Sellahewa & S. Jassim, “Accuracy and security evaluation of multi-factor biometric authentication”, International Journal for Information Security Research 1.1 (March 2011), 11-19
  • Harin Sellahewa & Sabah Jassim, “Image quality-based adaptive illumination normalisation for face recognition”
  • H. Sellahewa & S.A. Jassim, “Image-quality-based adaptive face recognition”
  • Harin Sellahewa, “Using an online student response system in small group teaching: a pilot study”
  • W. Hussein, H. Sellahewa & S.A. Jassim, “Block error correction codes for face recognition”
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  • H. Sellahewa, S. Jassim et al., “Global Features for Rapid Identity Verification with Dynamic Biometric Data”
  • S.A. Jassim & H. Sellahewa, “Multi-stream face recognition for crime-fighting”
  • H. Al-Jubouri, H. Du & H. Sellahewa, “Applying Gaussian Mixture Model on Discrete Cosine Features for Image Segmentation and Classification”
  • W. Hussein, H. Sellahewa & S.A. Jassim, “Adaptive error correction codes for face recognition”
  • M. Maliki, S.A. Jassim, N. Al-Jawad & H. Sellahewa, “Arabic handwritten: pre-processing and segmentation”
  • H. Al-Assam, A. Abboud, H. Sellahewa & S. Jassim, “Exploiting Relative Entropy and Quality Analysis in Cumulative Partial Biometric Fusion”, in Yun Q. Shi (ed.), Transactions on Data Hiding and Multimedia Security VIII (LNCS 7228, 2012), 1-18
  • H. Sellahewa, “Enhancing Small Group Teaching and Learning Using Online Student Response Systems”
  • Sabah Jassim, Harin Sellahewa at al., “Multi-modal biometric authentication on the SecurePhone PDA”
  • Harin Sellahewa, Sabah Jassim et al., “Nonintrusive multibiometrics on a mobile device: a comparison of fusion techniques”
  • Harin Sellahewa, Naseer Al-Jawad, Sahan Jassim et al., “Comparison of weighting strategies in early and late fusion approaches to audio-visual person authentication”
  • Harin Sellahewa & Sabah Jassim, “Performance evaluation of wavelet-based face verification on a PDA-recorded database”
  • Sabah Jassim, Harin Sellahewa et al., “Multimodal person authentication on a smartphone under realistic conditions”
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  • Sabah Jassim & Harin Sellahewa, “A wavelet-based approach to face verification/recognition”
  • Harin Sellahewa & Sabah Jassim, “Wavelet-based face verification for constrained platforms”
  • Sabah Jassim & Harin Sellahewa, “Face verification schemes for mobile personal devices”
  • R.D. Rashid, S.A. Jassim & H. Sellahewa, “Biometric feature embedding using robust steganography technique”
  • A.A. Abdulla, H. Sellahewa and S.A. Jassim, “Efficient high-capacity steganography techniques”
  • N. Al-Hassan, H. Sellahewa & S.A. Jassim, “Super resolution based face recognition: do we need training image set?”
  • Nadia Al-Hassan, Sabah Jassim & Harin Sellahewa, “Enhancing face recognition at a distance using super resolution”, Proceedings of the 14th ACM Workshop on Multimedia and Security (2012), 123-132
  • R.D. Rashid, S.A. Jassim & H. Sellahewa, “LBP Based on Multi Wavelet Sub-Bands Feature Extraction used for Face Recognition”
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  • H. Du, H. Al-Jubouri & H. Sellahewa, “Effectiveness of image features and similarity measures in cluster-based approaches for content-based image retrieval”, SPIE Conference on Multimedia/Image Processing, Security and Applications (Baltimore, USA, May 2014)
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  • N. Ibrahim & H. Sellahewa, “Touch Gesture-Based Authentication: A Security Analysis of Pattern Unlock”, IEEE International Conference on Identity, Security and Behavior Analysis 2017 (ISBA 2017) (New Delhi, February 2017)
  • F. Shukur & H. Sellahewa, “An Intelligent Context-Aware Biometrics System Based on Agent Technology”, accepted to appear in IWAISe, International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI) (Melbourne, August 2017)
  • S. Pal, H. Al-Assam and H. Sellahewa, “On the Discrimination Power of Dynamic Features for Online Signature”, accepted to appear in the 50th International Conference in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) (London, August 2017)
  • H. Sellahewa, N. Ibrahim & S. Zeadally, “Biometric Authentication for Wearables”, accepted for publication in M.S. Obaidat, I. Traore & I. Woungang (eds), Biometric-based Security Systems: State of the Art and Perspectives, to be published by Cambridge University Press in Winter 2018
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