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Dr Naseer Al-Jawad

Senior Lecturer in Computing

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Dr Naseer Al-Jawad, Lecturer at The University of Buckingham, top UK university for student satisfactionBSc (Basrah), MSc (Baghdad), PhD (Buckingham)

Dr Naseer Al-Jawad boasts an impressive academic background with a Bachelor of Science degree from Basrah, Iraq, a Master of Science from Baghdad, Iraq, and a Ph.D. from Buckingham, UK in Computer Science. His extensive teaching portfolio includes a broad spectrum of computing subjects at Baghdad University and the Applied Science University in Jordan, covering programming, data structures, file processing, and algorithms. In Buckingham, Dr Al-Jawad expanded his teaching repertoire to include courses such as Fundamentals of Computing, Multimedia Systems, and Web Technologies. Presently, he is dedicating his efforts to instructing students in Data Structure, Object-Oriented Programming, Principles of Computer Networks, and Research Method for PG students alongside overseeing projects for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Dr Al-Jawad’s research interests are varied and rich, particularly in the field of image processing, where he has contributed to advancements in image enhancement, quality, feature extraction, and content retrieval. From the Medical imaging side, Dr Al-Jawad explore his research on Breast cancer detection and Melanoma. His exploration into video processing has evolved from traditional compression techniques to the forefront of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning approaches. Moreover, Dr Al-Jawad has been at the helm of pioneering research in biometric systems, delving into areas such as face recognition, partial face recognition, gait recognition, and Arabic handwriting recognition.

His investigative pursuits also extend into networking, with a keen focus on developing Smart Home systems within the Internet of Things (IoT) framework. This includes the innovation of a Wireless Smart Home capable of adapting to a multi-user environment with varied behaviours. Currently, Dr. Al-Jawad is channelling his research towards leveraging deep learning for video compression, enhancing Smart Home IoT solutions, and advancing the field of Steganography, showcasing his commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and computer science.

Tel: +44 (0)1280 828296

Selected Publications

  • S. Al-Tekreeti, C. Adams & N. Al-Jawad, “Creating Wi-Fi Bluetooth Mesh Network for Crisis Management Applications”
  • N. Al-Jawad, “Exploiting statistical properties of wavelet coefficient for face detection and recognition”
  • M. Maliki, S.A. Jassim, N. Al-Jawad & H. Sellahewa, “Arabic handwritten: pre-processing and segmentation”
  • M. Maliki, S.A. Jassim & N. Al-Jawad, “Arabic writer identification based on diacritic’s features”
  • N. Al-Jawad & S. Jassim, “Wavelet Based Image Quality Self Measurements”
  • Harin Sellahewa, Naseer Al-Jawad, Sahan Jassim et al., “Comparison of weighting strategies in early and late fusion approaches to audio-visual person authentication”
  • Naseer Al-Jawad, Sabah Jassim et al., “An efficient real-time video compression algorithm with high feature preserving capability”
  • Naseer Al-Jawad, Hongbo Du, Sabah Jassim et al., “Content-based video indexing and searching with wavelet transform”
  • Naseer Al-Jawad & Sabah Jassim, “Feature-preserving image/video compression”
  • Safa Al-Tekreeti, Naseer Al-Jawad, Ihsan Lami & Torben Kuseler, “sosMesh: A framework for ad-hoc networks based on Bluetooth / Wi-Fi inside mobile-phones during disasters”
  • A. Sabir, N. Al-Jawad & S.A. Jassim, “Gait recognition using spatio-temporal silhouette-base features”
  • S.H. Salah, H. Du and N. Al-Jawad, “Fusing Local Binary Patterns with Wavelet Features for Ethnicity Identification”
  • T. F. Majeed, N. Al-Jawad & H. Sellahewa, “Breast Border Extraction and Pectoral Muscle Removal in MLO Mammogram Images”
  • S. Al-Showarah, N. Al-Jawad & H. Sellahewa, “Effects of user age on smartphone and tablet use, measured with an eye-tracker via fixation duration, scan-path duration, and saccades proportion”
  • A. Sabir, N. Al-Jawad, S. Jassim, A. Al-Talabani, “Human gait gender classification based on fusing spatio-temporal and wavelet statistical features”
  • N. Al-Hayani, N. Al-Jawad & S.A. Jassim, “Simultaneous compression and encryption for secure real-time secure transmission of sensitive video transmission”, Proc. Mobile Multimedia / Image Processing, Security, and Applications (SPIE 9120, 91200J, May 2014)
  • N. Al-Hayani, N. Al-Jawad & S. Jassim, “Simultaneous edge sensing compression and encryption for real-time video transmission”, Proc. Real-Time Image and Video Processing (SPIE 9139, 91390F, May 2014)
  • A. Sabir, N. Al-Jawad & S. Jassim, “Feature selection gait-based gender classification under different circumstances”, Proc. Real-Time Image and Video Processing (SPIE 9139, 91390A, May 2014)
  • K.A. Abdullah, N. Al-Jawad & A.A. Abdulla, “Effect of using different cover image quality to obtain robust selective embedding in steganography”, Proc. Optics, Photonics, and Digital Technologies for Multimedia Applications III (SPIE 9138, 913808, May 2014)
  • D. Han, N. Al Jawad & H. Du, “Facial expression identification using 3D geometric features from Microsoft Kinect device”, Proc. SPIE 9869, Mobile Multimedia/Image Processing, Security, and Applications 2016
  • H.S. Maghdid, A. Al-Sherbaz, N. Al-Jawad & I.A. Lami, “UNILS: Unconstrained Indoors Localization Scheme Based on Cooperative Smartphones Networking with Onboard Inertial, Bluetooth and GNSS Devices”, ION & IEEE PLANS 2016 (April 2016)
  • D. Traore, K. Rietdorf, N. Al-Jawad & H. Al-Assam, “Automatic Hotspots Detection for Intracellular Calcium Analysis in Fluorescence Microscopic Videos”, MIUA 2017: Medical Image Understanding and Analysis (July 2017, CCIS Series vol. 723), 862-873
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