Dr Naseer Al-Jawad

Senior Lecturer in Computing


Dr Naseer Al-Jawad, Lecturer at the University of Buckingham, top UK university for student satisfactionBSc (Basrah), MSc (Baghdad), PhD (Buckingham)

Naseer Al-Jawad has a BSc (Basrah, Iraq), an MSc (Baghdad, Iraq) and a PhD (Buckingham) in Computer Science. He has a long experience in teaching various computing courses at Baghdad University and Applied Science University in Jordan. The courses he has taught have included programming, data structures, file processing and algorithms. At Buckingham, Dr Al-Jawad teaches different courses like Fundamentals of Computing, Multimedia Systems, Networking, Web Technologies, and Programming at different levels. He supervises undergraduate and postgraduate projects.

Dr Al-Jawad has undertaken a variety of wavelet-based research in image processing including: feature extraction, image/video compression, image quality, and content-based video retrieval.

Tel: +44 (0)1280 828296
www.naseer-aljawad.mecg.org.uk (personal website – external link)

Selected Publications

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