Centre for Research in Expertise Acquisition, Training and Excellence (CREATE)

About the CREATE Research Hub

Achieving high levels of performance expertise is a complex process involving a range of factors: practice is one piece of the puzzle, naturally, but individual differences such as aptitudes, interests, motivation and creativity are also involved. In the CREATE Research hub, our particular focus is upon factors for excellence in cognitively challenging pursuits, creative problem-solving and artistic performance.

CREATE is a thriving centre of research activity within the School of Psychology at the University of Buckingham. We welcome expressions of interest from potential collaborators and postgraduate students (MSc and DPhil) across a wide range of relevant topic areas. These include:

  • Insight and creativity
  • Drivers of performance excellence and expertise development (e.g. in music, theatre, puzzle-solving, board-games, memory challenges and medicine)
  • Hobbies, motivations and characteristics of niche populations
  • Music psychology
  • Time perception and those with ‘natural’ time-keeping abilities

Our staff members are engaged in active research within all of these areas, with a focus on innovative and interdisciplinary research. In support of these aims, we collaborate with a number of external contacts in the performance fields (such as music conservatoires and creativity / performance researchers), together with internal colleagues in the School of Computing and University of Buckingham Medical School.

Although we are happy to consider relevant applications in any of the areas listed above, we are particularly looking to supervise students in a number of key topics. To see what specific opportunities are available right now, visit our Postgraduate page here.

You can keep up to date with our activities by following us on Twitter ‎@createpsy and on our WordPress blog CREATE Ψ. We are also founder members of the UK Creativity Researchers group.

To get in touch with us directly, contact

via email: create-research@buckingham.ac.uk

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