India Pinker (BSc Psychology)

India Pinker - Psychology alumna at The University of Buckingham I came to Buckingham following the completion of high school in South Africa, looking to take the leap of moving country for university. Choosing Buckingham as my landing pad was one of the best decisions I could have made for my academic and professional development. The small tutorial sizes and genuinely interactive seminars took me from too-shy-to-answer through to First-Class Honours with a passion for research.

As a girl who would sweat at the thought of mathematics in high school, I went on to achieve top grades in multivariate statistics – I have even tutored it! There are numerous skills Buckingham allowed me to hone that I will always appreciate – from scientific rigour through to the intricacies of SPSS – but introducing me to the real-world application of Psychology triumphs above all.

The breadth and variety of the BSc Psychology course allowed me to discover my niche. My BSc Dissertation sparked my fascination with empathy’s role in healthcare and – as they say – the rest is history. Consequently, I completed my MSc in Health Psychology and went onto start my PhD in Medical Education at the University of St Andrews. Whilst doing so, I joined in leading the Early Career Initiatives within the European Associate for Communication in Healthcare and was a member of the conference organisation committee for the University of Oxford’s 3rd Biennial Empathy Colloquium for Empathy in Healthcare. Without the support to develop my skills and ideas, I do not think I would be where I am today and for that, Buckingham family, I am profoundly grateful.

Buckingham creates an academic experience like no other with support that reaches beyond your degree. You create lasting connections to those that have helped you achieve things you would never have dreamed. A case in point as I am nearing the end of my PhD – I recently reconnected with lecturers from my course who continue to support my research all this time later. Having introduced you to the burden of rigorous data collection – they help you carry the load too! I will always remember my time with the Psychology Department fondly – from inspiring lecturers to the international cohort I had the privilege of sharing tutorials with.