Kelly Ma (MSc of Health Psychology)

Hello, my name is Kelly. This might not be the typical success story that you would expect, but hopefully you will find it inspiring.


I am an international student who is originally from Hong Kong. In 2017, I did half a year in a degree in Medicine – Nursing. I was not happy, and I felt was lost and being trapped in a small city. Hence, I decided to study abroad and chose The University of Buckingham – 2-year degree in BSc of Psychology, so I wasted no time in between.

During undergrad

I began studying at The University of Buckingham in January 2018 and completed my undergraduate studies in June 2020 – 2.5 years in total, graduating with an upper second-class degree (2:1).

My undergrad life is not as smooth as I wanted it to be. I have been facing a lot of unexpected challenges. However, giving up is never an option. Hence, the only way out is to find solutions and ask for help. Fortunately, The University of Buckingham is good with providing support to their students – from counselling services from healthcare professionals to academic support from writers and lecturers.

Students would be able to find and get all sorts of support when they are in need. For example, as an international student, one of the challenges that I faced is writing style. As English is not my first language, I needed more time to develop a scientific style in my writings. So, I requested to extend my program from 2 years to 2.5 years, suiting my learning curve at the time.


I am a stage 1 trainee health psychologist doing my master’s in health psychology at The University of Buckingham.

There are 3 major reasons which made me stayed for my master’s – Discounts, stability, and the nature of the program itself. In terms of discounts, the university offers their alumni a 25% off or 33% off the tuition fee (depending on your previous grades) for your postgraduate degree here. As I have got a 2:1 for my BSc, I was offered 25% off the tuition fee for my masters.

In terms of stability and the nature of the course, by staying in the same university, I do not have to worry about moving and settling in new environments. I will be able to just focus on my studies and the placement opportunity, which is included within the course. Since I have been doing my undergrad here, I know where and who to ask for help if I am in need. The course itself is also approved by BPS, so I do not have to worry about my degree not being recognised in the future. Therefore, I decided to stay at The University of Buckingham for my MSc in Health Psychology.

Takeaway Message

Dreams won’t work unless you do.

Life might seem hard at times but remember why you started and do not give up.

Do not be afraid and always ask for help when you are in need. You are not alone.

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