Kelly Ma (MSc of Health Psychology)

Hello, my name is Kelly. This might not be the typical success story that you would expect, but hopefully you will find it inspiring. I was an international student who has completed my BSc in Psychology and MSc in Health Psychology between 2018 and 2021.


I am an international student who is originally from Hong Kong. In 2017, I did half a year in a degree in Medicine – Nursing. I was not happy, and I felt was lost and being trapped in a small city. Hence, I decided to study abroad and chose The University of Buckingham – 2-year degree in BSc of Psychology, so I wasted no time in between.

BSc of Psychology

I was most attracted to the two-year courses that Buckingham has to offer and therefore started my academic journey here.

Throughout my undergraduate experience, it was not all smooth sailing. Like many other university students, I was also going through mental health difficulties. However, the support that I have received from the university was amazing. I was not only able to slow down the pace of my studies by taking two modules per term instead of three, but the University has also offered me counselling sessions on a regular basis to support me through my studies.

By the end of my undergraduate degree, I was able to graduate with a 2:1, enabling me to get a discount for my MSc.

MSc Health Psychology

My master’s degree has provided me with opportunities that have shaped me into who I am today in professional settings. During this one-year course, I have graduated with a merit and completed a clinical placement as an honorary assistant psychologist in the St. Andrews Healthcare.

I was also given the opportunity to publish a conference paper joining with several of the leading psychologists and researchers within this field of work, which is uncommon amongst other universities.

Additionally, the skills that I have learnt during my MSc, i.e., Motivational Interviewing and Models of Reflection, are still majorly beneficial to my current career as a psychological wellbeing practitioner (PWP).


Three years after graduating from this University, I am currently a qualified PWP in the NHS and looking into pursuing a career in the high-intensity settings in the following year. Both my degrees at The University of Buckingham have truly provided me with a solid foundation for continuing my career development in this field. Due to the nature of scale that this University has to offer, it enables staff members to tailor the degrees to your own interests and needs. Therefore, I would highly recommend studying at this University.

Takeaway Message

Dreams won’t work unless you do.

Life might seem hard at times but remember why you started and do not give up.

Do not be afraid and always ask for help when you are in need. You are not alone.

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