About our Department

Psychology is the study of the human mind and behaviour. It is a fast-moving and exciting subject, lending itself to lively discussions, and is applicable to real life situations in very many ways.

The Psychology Department is small and friendly. At present we have about 50 students (currently from over 10 countries) and four full-time teaching staff and are growing. Several lecturers from other departments and external to Buckingham also contribute to the teaching and life of the Psychology Department.

We put great emphasis on individual attention to students, both academic and pastoral attention. If you come to Buckingham you will certainly not get ‘lost in a crowd’, but instead benefit from the excellent student to staff ratio and small group teaching on which the Department prides itself.

After their study at Buckingham, many of our students go on to further study (Masters and Doctoral degrees), work as Chartered Psychologists, or work in industry or education.

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