Holly Goddard (BSc Psychology)

Holly GoddardThe University of Buckingham was the best suited university for me, enabling me to complete my degree in just two years. The completion of a Psychology degree at a first-class level in just two years has given me the ability to shine out against other candidates when interviewing for future jobs.

Although my studies at Buckingham were disrupted by COVID-19, this did not get in the way of Buckingham’s excellent teaching. The tight-knit community within Buckingham allows students to receive personal, in-depth feedback and support from lecturers and helps close relationships to form.

The dissertation module can be quite daunting for some people, but due to the close relationships you can form with your supervisor, it makes the whole project a lot more enjoyable and less intimidating.

The psychology degree was full of interesting modules with many to choose from, making the degree tailored to your personal interests. This made studying a lot more enjoyable, boosting my motivation to achieve well.

I am now looking into pursuing a career in Educational Psychology, undertaking additional qualifications, all of which would not have happened without spending my time at Buckingham.