Psychology Success Stories

At the Psychology School at Buckingham, we are proud of the success of our students and graduates. You will find below what some of our recent graduates have to say about their time at Buckingham and how it helped their careers.

Amy Mckerrell (BSc Psychology to Medicine)

Amy Mckerrell Psychology alumniOne of the appeals of the Buckingham Psychology Bsc was the 2 year course. Initially, I only applied as a means to an end. I knew that I wanted to study medicine and Buckingham was one of only very few universities that would accept students without A level Chemistry… Gaining a first-class Psychology degree not only allowed me to get a place at medical school but it has been invaluable during the medical course.

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Dylan Lloyd (BSc Psychology to Medicine)

Dylan Lloyd Psychology graduateI joined the University of Buckingham in September 2016 and finished in December 2018 with a First Class degree in Psychology, awarded with the “best all-rounder” prize at the time. Due to my academic accomplishments in Psychology and the help from all the brilliant members of staff at the university I was able to enrol in Medicine in 2019 and am due to graduate in June 2023.

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India Pinker (BSc Psychology)

India Pinker - Psychology alumna at The University of BuckinghamI came to Buckingham following the completion of high school in South Africa, looking to take the leap of moving country for university. Choosing Buckingham as my landing pad was one of the best decisions I could have made for my academic and professional development. The small tutorial sizes and genuinely interactive seminars took me from too-shy-to-answer through to First-Class Honours with a passion for research.

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Lydia Tidmarsh (BSc Psychology, MSc Health Psychology)

As a mature student, the offer of a two-year degree was the most compelling reason for my decision to study at Buckingham for my BSc in Psychology in 2019/2020. In addition to this, the small cohorts enabling extremely valuable contact time with lecturers was also attractive. What I didn’t expect to receive, however, is the genuine care for individual students and passion for teaching which is so prevalent among the lecturers at Buckingham. It was this incomparable support, together with the unique opportunity to conduct a placement within the MSc programme that consolidated my decision to stay at Buckingham for the Health Psychology MSc in 2021.

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Kalpana Khatri (BSc Psychology)

I joined The University of Buckingham in September 2019, for its small tutorial sizes and accelerated courses. I completed my undergraduate studies in December 2021, graduating with a Bachelor of Science; First Class Honours.

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Kerry Burke (BSc Psychology)

Kerry BurkeI was initially attracted to The University of Buckingham to study Psychology due to the 2-year degree alongside the smaller tutorial and seminar groups that I believed provided a more effective teaching method. Buckingham has helped me grow and feel more confident.

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Zoe Cooper (BSc Psychology)

Zoe CooperI chose to study at The University of Buckingham because of its small class sizes. I truly believe that the use of this teaching method played a large part in enabling me to achieve a first-class honours in my degree as it allowed me to check my understanding at all stages of my degree. I also decided to study here because the psychology course is accredited, thus meaning that I did not limit my career options.

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Holly Goddard (BSc Psychology)

Holly GoddardThe University of Buckingham was the best-suited university for me, enabling me to complete my degree in just two years. The completion of a Psychology degree at a first-class level in just two years has given me the ability to shine out against other candidates when interviewing for future jobs.

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Kelly Ma (MSc of Health Psychology)

Kelly MaI am an international student who is originally from Hong Kong. In 2017, I did half a year in a degree in Medicine – Nursing. I was not happy, and I felt was lost and being trapped in a small city. Hence, I decided to study abroad and chose The University of Buckingham – 2-year degree in BSc of Psychology, so I wasted no time in between.

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Destynie Mallory (BSc Psychology with Business and Management )

Destynie MalloryI began studying at The University of Buckingham in 2016 opting for a January intake instead of September. I completed my studies December 2017, graduating with an upper 2nd Class Degree (2:1) in Psychology with Business and Management and was awarded with The Horlogerie Kandahar Prize for Outstanding Achievement.

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Sam Fardghassemi (BSc Psychology with Business and Management)

Sam FardghassemiI applied to Buckingham because I was motivated to complete my undergraduate degree in two years. I found the small teaching classrooms as well as the staff-to-student ratio very beneficial for me because it meant that I could ask lots of questions and discuss the topics during lecturers and tutorials and get more out of the programme. Buckingham was a wonderful experience for me and led me to where I am today. I felt that it was more than just a university; staff were really encouraging, and everyone became a lot more like a family to me and that made it special.

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Michelle Jenkins (MSc in Health Psychology)

Michelle JenkinsI am is a mature student who studied my Undergraduate degree at the Open University. I came to Buckingham for my MSc Health. Would I recommend a MSc in Health Psychology: yes, I would? During my MSc in health psychology I have learnt the knowledge and theory about many areas that have been incredibly useful in the PWP training.

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Anna Temp (BSc Psychology)

Anna TempBuckingham’s psychology training is heavily focused on the practical aspects of research. Because we conducted over a dozen research projects as part of our on-going coursework, I was fully prepared not just for my First-class undergraduate thesis at Buckingham but also for my postgraduate thesis with Distinction at Edinburgh. I acquired competencies in academic writing, research design and statistical analysis at Buckingham that gave me confidence in my own research, which is rarely found at other universities.

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Kathleen Richmond (BSc Psychology)

When I was looking at universities to study psychology, I was told to check the student satisfaction rates as it is one of the most important areas to consider. This meant that Buckingham was an obvious choice, especially after talking to the students. Now that I’ve gone through the BSc Psychology course, I’ve fully understood what made students so happy. The lecturers care so much about you and your future, getting to know you with small classes and individual meetings.

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