Law Bursaries and Scholarships

International law scholarship

This is a scholarship worth 25% of the LLB International fees. Those eligible are applicants:

  • for LLB programmes;
  • who have to pay International fees (principally non-EU students); and
  • who already have a good first degree (such as a first class or upper second class degree, or what we would assess to be the equivalent such as GPA of 3.3 (B+) or higher based on a maximum GPA of 4 (A+) (depending on your university’s grading scale)).

Any applicant who satisfies the eligibility criteria will automatically be considered for an award of the scholarship. There is no need to make a separate application. Note however that this scholarship is a discretionary award rather than an automatic one. A scholarship can only be offered to applicants who are offered a place to study on one of the LLB programmes. Any such offer of a place to study will make clear if a scholarship is also being offered. Any awards are subject to abiding by the University’s rules and regulations. The University reserves the right to withdraw a scholarship if a student’s academic progress while at the University is considered by the University to be unsatisfactory.

LLM scholarship

This is a scholarship worth 33% or 25% of the LLM fees. Those eligible are

  • for 33%, those with a 1st class LLB from Buckingham
  • for 25% those with a 2.1 LLB from Buckingham

These are the minimum eligibility requirements and the University reserves the right not to award the scholarship or withdraw it, if a student’s performance is not, in the opinion of the University, satisfactory.

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