University of Buckingham Bursary

The University of Buckingham Bursary aims to support students from low income backgrounds. The bursary is worth £2000 per year of a two-year undergraduate degree and students receive this as a termly reduction in tuition fees (up to £500 reduction per term).

Students on a three-year undergraduate degree will be eligible for a maximum of £4,000 over the duration of the degree programme.

Eligible Medical School students will receive the bursary for the first two years of their 4.5 year degree.

To be eligible, you must be:

  • a full-time, UK undergraduate student
  • in receipt of a maintenance loan of £7,500 or more

Students who are on a Foundation Year (which is up to four terms of study) will qualify for £1,500 for that year (up to £500 per term). Students will then qualify for £2,000 per year for the rest of the degree up to a maximum of £4,000, subject to satisfactory progression.

The Bursary is not available for students on a placement year.

The University of Buckingham Bursary is awarded each year subject to satisfactory progression into the next year of study.

The Buckingham Bursary is able to be awarded alongside the High Achiever Scholarship to eligible students.

How to apply

You do not need to apply specifically for this Bursary, however to be eligible you must be in receipt of a government maintenance loan. We will confirm your eligibility once our Student Fees Administrator has seen your Student Loan Company (SLC) statement for the current academic year. You can send this to the Admissions Team as soon as you receive it from the SLC, which will enable us to send you a revised fees estimate confirming the bursary. Alternatively, you can bring it with you on the day you enrol and we will apply the bursary on the spot.

You can find the deadline date on the Bursaries and Scholarships page.