Law School Student Profiles

The University prides itself on the success of its students and graduates. You will find below what some of our recent students have to say about their time at Buckingham and how it helped their careers. Let’s start with:

Michael Thompson (LLB 2009, now Slaughter and May)

Having decided against attending university immediately after completing my A-Levels, I worked for several law firms over a number of years before deciding to seek to qualify as a solicitor. As a mature student I was keen to obtain my degree as quickly as possible and this brought me to the University of Buckingham and its accelerated two-year LLB programme.

Buckingham’s small size and low staff to student ratio made for a supportive but challenging educational environment. I enjoyed the small class sizes, which enabled me to explore the law in depth with my tutors. Several tutors were aware of my career ambitions and with their support, and that of the University as a whole, I was able to work systematically towards obtaining a training contract with a leading law firm. This led to my securing a training contract at the eminent City firm Slaughter and May. During the two-year training contract, I worked in the following departments: Corporate; Competition (including a three month secondment in Brussels); Dispute Resolution; and Finance. I qualified into the Dispute Resolution group in 2013. My work at Slaughter and May is varied and ranges from arbitrations to regulatory investigations, in both the domestic and international context.

The University of Buckingham and its Law School played a significant role in helping me to fulfil my ambition of qualifying as a solicitor with a leading international law firm.

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Jannis BilleJannis Bille (LLB 2013)

The University and its Law School attracted me for three main reasons. First, being German I had to complete nine months of national service before starting University, so the two year LLB allowed me to obtain my degree in an expedited fashion, regaining valuable time. Secondly, the student-staff ratio at Buckingham allows them to offer tutorials with five or six students at most, which has allowed me to have a focused and tailored learning experience. I also discovered that many of the lecturers make the effort to get to know you by name and take a personal interest in your progress. They continually helped me to progress through constant challenge and feedback. Thirdly I liked the international student body Buckingham attracts, allowing for a multicultural international experience.  Read more.

41776_0107 - Omosuyi Fred-OmojoleSuyi Fred-Omojole (LLB 2008)

I graduated from the University of Buckingham with First Class Honours in 2008, and completed a Master of Laws degree (LLM) at the London School of Economics. Having undertaken the LPC, I then completed my two-year training contract at the world renowned law firm of Slaughter and May, based in the City of London, before spending a 12-month secondment at Aluko & Oyebode, one of Nigeria’s foremost commercial law firms. I then returned to legal practice in London, this time as an associate in the Global Project Finance Group at Linklaters LLP, another leading City law firm, where I advise clients on international corporate, project development and financing transactions in the energy, infrastructure and natural resources sectors. Read more.

David StubbsDavid Stubbs (LLB 2004)

As a Bermudian, I heard about Buckingham many years ago. My brother and many other Bermudian lawyers are Buckingham graduates. After  I decided that I wanted to retrain as a lawyer, with a view to changing careers and returning to Bermuda, Buckingham was a sensible option: I wanted to do an LLB rather than a CPE/GDL, but with a family to support I wanted to obtain my degree as efficiently as possible. The winter and summer breaks were long enough to recover from exams, and I managed to get some legal work experience in Bermuda during my second summer, something which was invaluable in my job search.  Read more.

Kate BowmanKate Bowman (Law with Business Management)

As a local resident living in Buckinghamshire I discovered the University of Buckingham via UCAS. After visiting many universities, I made the decision to study here. My decision was swayed by the fast-track two year degree and small tutor to student ratio, as this suited my hardworking and focused nature. Although the yearly fees at Buckingham are somewhat higher than at other UK universities, the overall cost is cheaper due to the condensed nature of the degree and I also benefit from the Five Counties bursary. Additionally, many will understand when I say that choosing a university is similar to buying a new house, you just get a good gut feeling for somewhere, so I followed my gut and I’m delighted I did. Read more.

Patrick Boch (LLB 2007)

I grew up in Denmark, but, wanting to study English law, I chose Buckingham due to its two-year degrees and small group tutorials.

I wish to focus on two aspects of my experience that I believe are unique to Buckingham and that have been invaluable to me in my career. The first was my careers advisor. When I came to Buckingham I knew very little about putting together a good CV, networking, interviews, and internships, and so on. However, my careers advisor took the time to give me in-depth guidance on these matters. We went through half-a-dozen drafts of my CV in detail; he gave me feedback on most of my applications; and when I was invited for an important interview he arranged a mock interview for me with an experienced business professional he knew.

The skills I gained helped me obtain a job at a leading international investment bank and build a client following during a four-year period when I had my own practice. Ultimately, they helped me get through a competitive selection process leading to my recent appointment as a solicitor in the Government Legal Service.

The other aspect was the interest my tutors took in my academic success. I had achieved excellent results at school, but studying law at university was far more demanding, including acquiring the requisite legal writing skills. One of my tutors in particular spent a lot of his time helping me to develop those skills, e.g. by giving me feedback on several consecutive drafts of a paper.

This tutor’s assistance was invaluable not only in helping me achieve my marks at Buckingham but also in my LLM, which I took at the University of Copenhagen. The writing skills I developed at Buckingham have, of course, also been invaluable in legal practice, where the ability to provide clear and practical written advice, and to prepare technical legal documents, is essential.

I ascribe the dedication of my careers advisor and tutor to Buckingham’s culture. The University really wants its students to succeed academically and in their future careers. I do not think I would have received as much personal attention at another university, and I do not know if I would have been as successful a lawyer had I not had the opportunity to study at Buckingham.