Staff:Student Ratio


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Buckingham is small and friendly with around 2,000 students (approx 1,300 on campus) – rather unusual in a country where the average number of students in a university is over 11,000. We have 1 member of staff for every 10.4 students, whereas the UK university average is 1 member of staff to every 15.9 students (source: The Complete University Guide 2018).

This ratio ensures that a high and continuous level of support is maintained, from an academic to a pastoral point of view. It allows a degree of interaction between staff and students rarely found in other universities.

Our student:staff ratio and traditional Oxbridge-style teaching in small groups of around 6 means that teachers and staff will get to know you as an individual. You won’t get lost in a lecture class of 300 students, nor will you be 50th in line for borrowing a particular book from the library.

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