Isle of Man

Some Manx students getting their A level results will graduate in two years’ time and be earning a salary.
Will that be you?

A different kind of degree course

The University of Buckingham was the first UK university to condense the academic content of a standard 3-year degree into a 2-year programme, running over four terms a year. By offering 36 teaching weeks, we can fit the same amount of teaching into two years as other universities spread across three.

This means you can complete your degree and – importantly – earn a year’s salary in the time it would take you to study for the same degree at another university. Or you could follow it with a Masters degree and be better qualified at the end of the three years than other graduates.

A different kind of university

Oxbridge-style teaching in small groups of around six means that our teachers and staff will get to know you as an individual. You won’t get lost in a lecture class of 300 students, nor will you be 50th in line for borrowing a particular book from the library. We have roughly 1,600 students on campus and a competitive staff:student ratio of about 10.4:1.

You will be guaranteed accommodation for your first year. The University of Buckingham has come top for the student satisfaction since 2006 in the National Student Survey.

And, when asked what they like most about Buckingham, our students will often say it is the lifelong, worldwide friendships they have made. We attract students from all over the world.

Studying in the UK may not be as expensive as you think

If you want to study at the University of Buckingham this year – and meet the usual criteria – you will pay nothing in year one and only £2,500 towards your tuition fees in year two.

And if your annual family income is more than £100,000, you pay nothing year one and only a 35% contribution on income over £100,000 in year two. Because you complete your degree in just two years, you also save an entire year’s living expenses.
So, what will you be doing in two years’ time? Starting your career or doing a boring summer holiday job?
Shouldn’t you be considering Buckingham?