Willkommen an der Universität von Buckingham!

Buckingham & Austria

Austrian students have long been coming to study at The University of Buckingham with our first Austrian student having graduated in 1986. Since then we have seen over 30 Austrian students come to study at the University.

What our students say

We currently have a dozen Austrian students studying with us in several of the academic schools, and this is what some of them have to say about their time so far at Buckingham:

Theresa Spiessberger, studying BA Communication, Media and Journalism

I came to Buckingham in January, the 12th to be precise. It was quite an exhausting journey all the way from my little home village in Austria but the people working the registration process where really kind and trying hard to get us through the procedure as fast as they could. During the next few days I met a lot of new people, students, tutors, “friends of Buckingham” and other staff and all of them made me feel very welcome.

The lectures are really interesting and I love that we actually get practice in our specific field of study instead of just reading our way through theory. For me that meant to get out, take portraits and make fashion shoots as well as being part of our weekly online news bulletin.

What I like most about Buckingham (besides the friendly people) is that it is rather quiet, hence a perfect place to study but not too far away from busier places like Oxford or Milton Keynes. I also like that the weather as well as the scenery is quite similar to Austria which sometimes makes it easy to forget that you are actually hundreds of kilometres away.

Benedikt Mensdorff-Pouilly, studying BSc Economics

When I enrolled for the Economics programme at The University of Buckingham in January 2012 I was excited because I didn’t know what the next few years would be like. The only thing I knew was that I needed a challenge and a university that really cares for their students. Before I started here, I went to an Austrian patterned university but I never really got the feeling of college life. I missed discussions during classes, being challenged by highly motivated professors and overall, being faced with the individual challenge to transform myself from a student to a grown-up when finished with studying, which I hope to manage. The emphasis of the university is to make sure every single student feels respected and is supported wherever he needs help. You learn a lot during classes but you gain a lot from the tutorial, as well. These are held in groups of 4 to 6 students and there you can work on your problem-solving skills as well as to profit from the knowledge of others. Finally, I think that that The University of Buckingham is an ideal place for those who want to study intensively over a relatively shorter time and for those who feel that a university shouldn’t just be an institution but a place where you get in touch with people from different ethnic backgrounds and different life stories. I can only advise you to apply to the university.

Guideline entry requirements

In order to study at undergraduate level (Bachelor’s degree), you will normally need to have attained one of the following:

  • Reifeprüfung / Matura from Allgemeinbildende Höhere Schulen with mark 2 / Gut or better;
  • Three GCE A-levels at grade B or higher;
  • IB score of between 29 and 34 (depending on the degree subject);
  • AP – SAT: score of 1250 or higher, or three subjects in APT with 4 or higher in each, or successful completion of one year in a US university with a GPA of at least 3.0.

As proof of English Language proficiency you would need to have achieved Reifeprüfung / Matura from Allgemeinbildende Höhere Schulen with mark 2/Gut or better in the English Language component, or the equivalent (see our English Language requirements).

In order to study at postgraduate level (Master’s degree), you will normally need to have attained:

  • a Diplomstudium or Magister from a recognised higher education institution with at least bestanden classification or better;
  • a Bachelor’s Degree from a recognised higher education institution, equivalent to a British Bachelor’s (Honours) degree, with a minimum of a 2:2, depending on the school of study.

As proof of English Language proficiency you would need to have achieved Reifeprüfung / Matura from Allgemeinbildende Höhere Schulen with mark 1/ Sehr Gut in the English Language component, or the equivalent (see our English Language requirements).

The grades quoted above give an indication of a typical offer; at the Admissions Tutor’s discretion alternative qualifications or gradings may be considered. All applications will be considered individually and work experience and other interdisciplinary achievements are taken into consideration when deciding upon all applications. Applicants may also be invited to interview.

After you graduate

Our Alumni have gone on to have very successful careers in various industries, including: banking; legal services; advertising, promotion and marketing; oil, chemicals and petroleum; the commodity trade, and; the automotive industry. This is what one of our alumnus, Wolfgang Viragh, went on to do in his life after Buckingham, and what he has to say about his time at Buckingham:

Wolfgang Viragh (BSc Business Studies, 1986)

After completing his BSc in Business Studies at The University of Buckingham in 1986, Wolfgang entered the banking industry, working first for Creditanstalt and later for Citibank in Vienna, New York and London. He left banking in 2005 and joined a start up in Bangkok focused on online classifieds in South East Asia, and subsequently launched a referral based online jobs site in India in 2007. Though a casualty of the 2008 global financial meltdown, Wolfgang went on to co-found in 2010; a Groupon for South East Asia which was sold to LivingSocial in 2011. Wolfgang is currently advising a conglomerate in Indonesia and working on various Asian based projects in: renewable energy; financial services, and; event-promotions, to name a few.

Meet your International Officer

We do not currently have any plans to visit Austria but if you wish to come and visit our campus and meet with an academic this can be arranged by emailing the International Officer.

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