Coronavirus (COVID-19) advice and updates

We are delighted to welcome our students back to campus.

For our new students, all teaching (lectures and tutorials) for September/October 2021 will take place on our beautiful campus. We expect all new starters to be ready to attend face to face classes on campus by the 27 September 2021; however, online teaching will be provided for those students who cannot attend immediately due to government restrictions (whether in the UK or their home country).

For our returning students, face to face lectures and tutorials will be provided (subject to sufficient student numbers); however online teaching will remain available for those students who are unable to return to campus for any COVID-19 related reason. Exams (excluding those in Medicine) will remain online for the coming term but we encourage students to return to campus as soon as possible.

Teaching and support staff will be available on campus to meet students face to face for 1:1, personal tutee meetings and other matters. Our libraries, learning spaces and cafes continue to remain open for students to enjoy.

We have worked very closely with Public Health England to create and maintain a safe campus for both students and staff.

Please remember that, even if you have received negative results, you still need to abide by government guidelines.

For students who are unable to join us on campus due to COVID-19 related reasons, we will continue to support you with high-quality online learning. We’ve received great feedback from our students who are currently being taught in this way and you will be provided with the support you need to progress with your studies and smoothly join us on campus at the earliest opportunity.

These pages offer information and resources for University students and applicants on Covid-19, answers to frequently asked questions, and details on how the university is responding during this difficult time.

COVID-19 Notification, Monitoring & Outbreak Plan

COVID-19 Notification, Monitoring & Outbreak Plan (PDF)

OUR PROMISES TO YOU September 2021 intake