Maddie Fang (MSc Applied Data Science – Degree Apprenticeship, 2022)

Degree Apprenticeship – Level 7 DTSS

Maddie Fang - MSc Applied Data Science Degree ApprenticeshipPrior to studying in Buckingham, I was an experienced analyst working in the data and business intelligence field for years. In my previous roles working with data, I had developed programming and analytical skills which allowed me to tackle complex business problems using data.

I am passionate about data science and advanced analytics. In order to commit to a career in Data Science, I’ve spent a decent amount of time dedicated to my personal development on the necessary technical skills to be qualified in this field. I am keen to learn and curious about how things work. When the opportunity came up, I joined the MSc Applied Data Science (Degree Apprenticeship) programme at the University of Buckingham offered as part of the Level 7 Digital and Technology Solutions Specialist (DTSS) integrated degree apprenticeship provided via Avado, which was fully sponsored by my company at the time. During the 18-month study, I was able to combine theoretical study with on-the-job training through the completion of a portfolio of projects.

I had the opportunity to initiate and run the data science projects from end-to-end, that is, from framing the problem to implementation. My final project involves building a lapse propensity model which predicts the potential cancellations of insurance policies which helps the business to understand aspects of insurance retention.

In July 2022, I successfully finished my studies and graduated with a distinction grade. The Master’s degree has prepared me well for my career in Data Science and helped me to further develop my skills and gain the technical experience required to be successful in this career.

I am now working as a Data Scientist, delivering business insights using advance machine learning techniques. I am really enjoying the process of learning and feeling the sense of achievement when I’ve overcame a challenge and finally obtained the desired analytics results and model outcomes.

Today I am sharing my success story. I hope anyone with the similar background who is keen to develop into the Data Science would get inspired and eventually get their dream job. A career in Data Science requires a lot of learnings and continuing studies, being curious and willingness to learn are the key.