Study Computing

IT facilities

The Franciscan Building on our Verney Park campus has five dedicated computer labs for our Applied Computing students. Two labs are for the undergraduate / MSc students, two labs are for the research students, and one is dedicated to MSc students and mobile phone programming.

In the undergraduate labs, most of the PCs are multimedia PCs running under the latest Windows Operating Systems with full up-to-date range of applications and software to support practical classes. PCs in the labs can also be used to access a virtual PC environment, which offers our students the opportunity, especially in their projects, to select between different Windows and Linux operating systems and choose the best suitable operating system for their project.

The research labs contain multimedia PCs running with multiple Operating Systems including Windows and Linux to provide postgraduate students with a wider understanding of modern computer systems. All research PCs are connected to a dedicated server to perform different tasks and access various databases for both research and conducting experiments.

All systems are connected via a modern distributed network with support for Internet, intranet and email services. The supporting software allows Applied Computing and other students to gain a familiarity with a variety of programming languages and specialist software, such as tools for computer-aided software engineering (CASE) and data mining.

Wireless Internet Access (WIA) provides connectivity from hot-spot areas around campus. All resident halls at Verney Park are also equipped with wired Internet Access (HIA).

After your degree

With a BSc in Computing, you will be able to undertake a variety of careers in the IT industry, including programming, systems analysis and design, network and systems management, and user support.

Buckingham graduates now work in senior positions around the world. Examples include:

  • IT industries: Microsoft, IBM, BBC
  • Universities: Buckingham, Cambridge, LSE, Bath, Cranfield, Sheffield, Oxford Brookes
  • Other industries: Nokia, RandomHouse Publishing, PricewaterhouseCoopers, CityBank

The increasing specialisation which is frequently required in the employment market is no longer provided by just an undergraduate degree. A postgraduate degree provides these advanced skills and, in today’s competitive employment market, is becoming increasingly important in order to stand out from the crowd.

Any successful career choice in the market place will be dependent on a number of factors. Your academic qualification, while important, may not be the deciding factor. Your attitude, skills and experience matter too. Whatever your motivation in taking a postgraduate course, you should think about the transferable skills an employer is seeking, and take advantage of every opportunity for self-development to improve your chances of success in your future career.

Alternatively you can advance your career in research in computing / computer science in academic institutions at Buckingham, other UK universities or universities abroad as you will also be introduced during your degree to relevant aspects of current research in new technologies, with an understanding of their strengths and limitations.

What our students say

I have totally enjoyed my time at The University of Buckingham. As an international student, the small class/tutorial size plus the two-year programme as opposed to three offered by others was a major deciding factor. Having passed through this university in the last two years I would say I totally enjoyed the level of support to students offered by the university. I found the course lecturers, tutors and research students of my department easy to approach – this made such a huge difference when help was needed as studies became tough.

Chukwuemeka Eze (BSc Computing 2013)

From my arrival at The University of Buckingham, I found my time to be a thoroughly enjoyable experience.  The whole department are all very approachable and friendly, and the support and help received throughout the course has been great.  The course itself was challenging and stimulating, and although the 2 year programme can be stressful at times, there is still plenty to do, and time to do it, in Buckingham and the surrounding area.

Michael Randall (BSc Computing 2013)