Industry Advisory Board (IAB) – Computing

The Industry Advisory Board (IAB) brings together experts from diverse backgrounds to advise the School of Computing on the design, delivery and assessment of its degree programmes to ensure students gain knowledge, skills and behaviours required to become a competent IT professional and meet the demands of future workplaces.

The IAB consists of industry leaders and practitioners from diverse sectors, who are experts in their field and are aware of current state and future trends of information and digital technologies, professional practices and skills requirements.

External members of the IAB work with the leadership and the programme team to actively contribute and provide guidance in fostering ethical practices, social responsibility, environmental sustainability, and understanding the social impacts of Information Technology.

Members are appointed on an honorary basis for an initial three-year term.

The IAB meets once a year to coincide with the annual programme reviews.

Terms of reference

  1. To advise on the industry relevance of curriculum aims, learning outcomes and assessments.
  2. To advise on industry practices, standards, and technology trends that should be considered in the curriculum delivery.
  3. To advise on the professional and employability skills required by employers.
  4. To advise on the legal, ethical, social and economic impact of IT and digital solutions on the wider society.
  5. To offer insights into sustainable and inclusive practices in designing and deploying IT and digital solutions.
  6. To identify and advise on opportunities for commercialisation of projects and research.

Current Members

Emmanuel Asimadi
Emmanuel Asimadi Head of Data & AI, easyJet

Olufolarin Bajomo
Olufolarin Bajomo Senior QA Engineer,

Michelle Bury
Michelle Bury Global Head of Learning and Development, Keyloop

Emma Fang
Emma Fang Senior Manager, Epam Systems


Dean of School

Programme Directors

Faculty Quality Manager

  • Paula Seddon – Faculty Quality Manager

Student Representatives

  • As invited