Dr Hisham Al-Assam

Lecturer in Applied Computing


BEng in Software Engineering and Information Systems, PhD in Computer Science

Hisham-Al-AssamHisham is Lecturer in Applied Computing at Buckingham His main expertise is in biometric template security and user privacy, multi-factor and multi-modality authentication, remote biometric authentication for mobile transactions, cancellable biometrics, biometric-based cryptographic key generation and security analysis, and revocable biometric cryptosystems. His recent research interests also include biomedical image processing and analysis, and applied compressive sensing.

Tel: +44 (01280) 828276
Email: hisham.al-assam@buckingham.ac.uk

The SCE tool is a Matlab tool for automatic spine curvature estimation from X-ray images of a mouse model. Click here to download the tool.

Selected Publications

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