Dr Hisham Al-Assam

Senior Lecturer in Computing


BEng in Software Engineering and Information Systems, PhD in Computer Science


Hisham is a senior lecturer in Computer Science. He currently teaches Introduction to Computer Systems, Web Applications Development and Information Security to UG students. He also teaches Web Technologies and Applications, and Information Security in Communications to MSc students.

Hisham’s key research interest is machine learning in security and healthcare. Security applications include deep learning for biometric recognition, dynamic signatures, privacy-aware biometric template security and multi-factor remote authentication. His research into healthcare focusses on the exciting field of automatic analysis of medical and biomedical images.

He has supervised/co-supervised a number of research students working on collaborative projects relevant to his research interests such as X-ray and microscopic image analysis for identifying the genetic bases of complex diseases, brain image analysis for better understating of Alzheimer’s disease, inter\intra cellular calcium analysis for understanding atrial fibrillation, and ultrasound image analysis for identifying signs of early miscarriage and different types of ovarian tumours.

Hisham is the Chair of the School’s Teaching and Learning Committee, and the School’s Academic Misconduct Officer. He is an elected Senate Member and a member of the ULTC and URC committees. He is also a member of the British Computer Society and its Information Security Specialist Group.

Hisham jointly won two Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) grants funded by Innovate UK & Deepnet Security LTD to build innovative biometric-based products. He was the academic supervisor of the two KTP projects between Jan 2015 to Feb 2018.

Tel: +44 (01280) 828276
Email: hisham.al-assam@buckingham.ac.uk

The SCE tool is a Matlab tool for automatic spine curvature estimation from X-ray images of a mouse model. Click here to download the tool. 

The EMV Tokenisation tool is a set of Java Applets for simulating a security improved protocol on EMV Contactless Card, and comparing it to the original protocol. Click here to download the tool.

The ContactlessSec is a tool that provides an implementation of three EMV authentication methods (SDA, DDA and CDA) in addition to simulating the sniffing and replay attacks on contactless cards. Click here to download the tool.

The BSE tool is a Matlab package for automatic Brain Size Estimation from X-ray images of a mouse model. Click here to download the tool and sample images.

The LayerSeg tool is a Matlab tool for automatic segmentation of H&E skin images. Click here to download the tool.

Selected Publications

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