Padmavathi Sivalingam (MSc Applied Computing, 2022)

Growing up in an era of modern computing where the use of computers has seeped into every aspect of our lives, it was a no brainer for me when I choose to study computers in 2000. I did my engineering in Computer Science in India and worked in the software industry for 6 years. After a break of 7 years to focus on my family, I wanted to resume my career. I felt that doing a Masters would be a great way to reinitiate myself into the professional space. I wanted to choose the right university and course that would help me catch up with the rapid advances in the Computing space.

While looking at various universities, I was impressed with the wide range of research projects that were going on at The University of Buckingham in the areas of Big Data, Biometrics and Medical diagnosis. Being a Cancer survivor and having had multiple biopsies, the ongoing research in cancer diagnosis struck a personal chord with me. The MSc Applied Computing programme was attractive to me as it provides a solid foundation on a wide range of technologies opening up a number of avenues for my future career.

Due to the pandemic situation, I was really apprehensive about working through the course virtually but my overall University experience was surprisingly enjoyable. The admin team was very helpful with all the relevant processes from admissions to the exams. The careers team offered insightful counselling sessions which helped to hone my resume and soft skills. Even during the pandemic, the library staff was helpful with providing relevant study materials and on occasions even sending them to my home.

The strong teacher to pupil ratio made it possible for Professors to give individualised attention and this made the practical sessions very interactive and enjoyable. I am really thankful to have the chance to learn under the guidance of some excellent thought leaders in their respective fields.

Through the industry partnership the School of Computing has with Zizo software, I had the opportunity to experience the inner workings of a Tech company first hand in the UK while doing my master’s project. After the successful completion of my course with a Distinction in March 2022, I am currently working as an Intern Consultant at Zizo software. I hope the knowledge and experience I gained would allow me to explore my potential to the fullest in my future career.