UK-Japan IT Conference for Emerging Technologies



The University of Buckingham UK-Japan IT Conference for Emerging Technologies has just been established in collaboration between School of Computing (Dean Dr. Harin Sellahewa) and Japanese academics, engineers and business persons represented by Dr. Kazuhiro Tobisawa of Max Beloff Centre and Ms. Keiko Imachi, former CIO of Shinkawa Ltd. a global company of semiconductor making equipment based in Tokyo. These three founding members serve as Co-Convenors of the Conference.

The Conference aims to exchange views, knowledge and visions of Information Technology by professionals and practitioners in the UK, Japan and the world. The Conference defines digital innovation which it explores is as creating new values in human activities in new IT era. The Conference recognises the benefits to be derived from increased collaboration, cooperation and interaction for the promotion and reinforce of IT systems and digital innovation. The Conference desire to work together for their mutual benefit to foster a collaborative framework in the Fields of Study above.



Fields of Study

AI (Artificial Intelligence)



Data Science

Data Protection

IoT (Internet of Things)

Immersive Technologies

IT governance and laws

Network Systems