Dr Vassilis Kappis

Lecturer in Security and Intelligence Studies


Dr Vassilis KappisDr Vassilis (Bill) Kappis holds a PhD degree from the Department of Government and International Relations at the University of Sydney (2016) and Master’s degrees in Strategic Studies and European Integration from the Australian National University (2007) and the London School of Economics (2006) respectively. His doctoral thesis, submitted in 2015, assessed the impact of tense security crises on leadership perceptions across rival and non-rival state dyads.

Bill’s academic interests lie in the strategic and psychological aspects of security crises and foreign policy decision-making. His current research is focused on the changing security dynamics in the Eastern Mediterranean and supported by an Israel Institute (USA) research grant. Bill maintains affiliations with universities, think tanks and consultancies in Australia, Europe and the United States. An expert on the Eastern Mediterranean, having lived, studied and worked in Greece, Cyprus and Israel, Bill is also an awarded academic instructor by the University of Sydney (Excellence in Teaching Practice, 2013) and a policy-oriented scholar, with regular international conference presentations and focused media contributions.

Publications and peer-reviewed conference papers

  • “Reliving the last crisis: Lessons from the 2008 Russo-Georgian conflict”, International Studies Association (ISA) Annual Convention: Understanding Change in World Politics (22-25 Feb 2017, Baltimore, MD).
  • “The Bear learns to swim: Russia’s re-emergence in the Mediterranean”, Eastern Mediterranean Geopolitical Review 2.1 (2016), forthcoming.
  • Evaluating the prospects of Greek-Israeli military cooperation”, Eastern Mediterranean Policy Notes 7 (June 2016).
  • “Can crises cfontribute to peace? Enduring rivals and perceptual adjustment”, European Political Science Association Conference (23-25 June 2016, Brussels).
  • “NATO and Russia: A new ‘Reset’ in the Mediterranean?”, European Rim Policy and Investment Council (Oct 2014).
  • Russia’s future in the Eastern Mediterranean,” ATHENA 2014 Security and Crisis Management International Conference Journal (June 2014), 88-93.
  • “Seeing through the mist in the Eastern Mediterranean”, Analysis, European Rim Policy and Investment Council (April 2014).
  • “Comparing the 1996 Aegean Sea and the 1995 Taiwan Strait crises”, 8th Pan-European Conference on International Relations, European International Studies Association (EISA)  (18-21 Sep 2013, Warsaw).
  • “Explaining the Russo-Georgian War of 2008”, Annual Global Studies Conference (University of California in Santa Barbara, 24-25 Feb 2012).
  • “Revisiting the Cyprus S-300 missile crisis”, 24th Annual Conference of the Peace Psychology Association (University of Marburg, 17-18 June 2011).
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