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International Conference on Human Rights, Sustainability and Climate Change

The School of Law, University of Buckingham, supported by the Not-for-profit Global Human Rights Centre (GHRC) London, is organising a face-to-face intellectually stimulating, inter-disciplinary conference that aims to place human rights concerns at the heart of global climate change discussions.

The conference which holds on the 4th and 5th of October 2023 at the Vinson Centre, The University of Buckingham will welcome researchers, experts, scholars, postgraduate students, academics, public commentators, policy makers, activists presenting their cutting-edge research, key findings, result-oriented solutions, and multi-disciplinary studies on the impact of climate change on peoples’ socio-economic rights as recognised under international human rights law.

A key focus of the conference is evaluating garment supply chain contribution to climate change: it accounts for 10% of humanities carbon emissions, 20% of global industrial water pollution and is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emission. The conference will, therefore, also explore themes of sustainability, ethical practices and the negative impact of fast fashion on climate change. To this end, the following themes will be included:

  • Human Rights
  • Climate Change
  • International Human Rights Law
  • Environmental Justice
  • Climate Justice
  • Climate Justice and Emerging Case Laws
  • Human Rights Approach to Climate Change
  • Climate Change and the Role of Fashion
  • Sustainability, Sustainable Development and Climate Change
  • Human Rights and Due Diligence in Supply Chains
  • Fast Fashion, Human Rights and Climate Crises
  • Climate Activism, Ecological Integrity, and Social Justice

Call For Papers Abstract Submission (250 Words Maximum):

The ICHRSCC welcomes both international and national delegates to a scheduled 1- 2- day event attracting between 20 – 40 presenters and over 80 general participants. The conference format is divided into morning and afternoon session with lunch break at noon. Presenters share the outcome of their research for 12 minutes followed by a 3-minute Q&A session.

Human Rights and Climate Change break-out panels’ sessions will be held after the lunch break before afternoon presentations. The break-out panels and workshop presentations provide the opportunity for multi-disciplinary non-academics working in the field of climate change and human rights (activists, change makers, business executives, supply chain leads, policy makers) to deliberate on climate crises and the need for sustainable solutions. Panel chairs are selected from the lists of panelists. A recognised change-maker is appointed as the keynote speaker.

Publication of the Conference Papers

Opportunity for selected papers presented at the conference to be published by the Cambridge Scholars Publishing as an edited collection.

See the Timeline Below.

Each participant hereby gives consent for his/her paper to be published by the Cambridge Scholars Publishing. This does not affect your copyright over the published paper.

Attendance at the Conference: To attend this conference, you will need to register your interest by sending an email to: attaching your abstract and contact details.

Conference Fee: £50.00 registration fee, only by participants presenting papers. Postgraduate students are exempted from this payment. Also, if your abstract is accepted for presentation and you think you deserve a waiver of the conference fee, please send an email to the organisers detailing the grounds for the waiver.

All participants are responsible for taking care of their travelling, accommodation and feeding. We are happy to provide non-financial assistance for those needing accommodation and travelling by pointing them to the right direction. However, refreshments will be provided on both days of the conference and a paid lunch will equally be provided for all the participants and panelists only.

Certificate of Presentation: All presenters at the conference will be issued a certificate of presentation.

Conference Venue: The Vinson Centre, University of Buckingham, Hunter Street, MK18 1EG, Buckingham.

Proposed Timeline of Events

Interested participants must submit abstracts before the end of working hours on 3rd September 2023. Participants whose abstracts have been selected are contacted – informing them that their abstracts have been selected for presentation. Note: The conference fee is due to be paid as soon as the abstract is accepted. Owners of selected abstracts would need to confirm their attendance at the conference, and this would need to be completed by 6th September 2023.

Participants would need to complete the papers for publication and submit it by 23 of September 2023. Please note that it is the responsibility of the participant/author to ensure that the paper is of high quality, thus, acceptance and publication would be based entirely on the strength and quality of the paper. In the week commencing 18 September, a reminder email is sent to all participants to confirm that there is no change of circumstance and for them to validate their attendance. Programme of events will be emailed to all participants at least 5 days before the commencement of the conference.


The Conference is organised by the University of Buckingham Law School. Staff and student volunteers would ensure the smooth running of the conference. The ICHRSCC is also supported by the not-for-profit Global Human Rights Centre London who provides administrative, technical and marketing support.

Conference Benefit

Building a Network of Passionate Multi-disciplinary Academic and Non-Academic Collaborators: The International Conference on Human Rights, Sustainability and Climate Change builds a network, connecting voices and creating interdisciplinary dialogue on the people and planet to reinforce the idea that climate change as a human rights issue.

Publication of the Conference Papers: Opportunity for selected papers presented at the conference to be published by the Cambridge Scholars Publishing as an edited collection.

In Person Presentations: In-person presentation at the University of Buckingham will provide the opportunity to share cutting-edge research, opinion pieces, literature and activist experience with a global multidisciplinary audience.

Conference Papers Handbook: All conference papers will be compiled in a handbook for public access and reference.

Human Rights and Climate Change Break Out Panel: ICHRSCC provides an opportunity for climate activists and change-makers to participate in the round table breakout panel discussion to share knowledge and information from field presence and activism activities.

Advancing and Annexing Human Rights and Sustainability Research Cluster: The ICHRSCC will provide a research and informative intersection for law school academics working on finding solutions to the issues of human rights and sustainability – stimulating further dialogue and cross-disciplinary research outputs on climate change.

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