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Online Master’s Degree in Teaching and Learning (MA) part-time

We are proposing to offer an exciting new course led by world-famous experts in various fields of education.

Module 1 is already available and takes just under a year to complete. The rest of our modules will be shorter and available in September 2020, subject to approval.

It will take approximately three years to complete the full MA, depending on the options taken.

Module 1 – available now

Assessment in schools with Rob Coe, Stuart Kime, and Evidence-Based Education (30 credits).
This course has been written with Professor Robert Coe and Prof Stuart Kime, two of the foremost experts in educational assessment in the world, and is run by Evidence-Based Education in England. It has four units:

  • Understanding Assessment
  • Designing Assessment
  • Analysing Assessment
  • Leading Assessment.

The course is delivered by means of an online platform and is supported by peer collaboration and an online community. It is assessed by means of multiple-choice questions, a reflective journal and a critical essay. Register for Module 1 now.

Modules 2-8 – possibly available from September 2020, subject to University agreement

  • Module 2 – Research Methodology and a Dissertation with the University of Buckingham (60 credits). This module is compulsory.
  • Module 3 – The science of learning with Evidence-Based Education (30 credits)
  • Module 4  – Evaluating education policy with Becky Allen (30 credits)
  • Module 5  – Classroom behaviour management with Tom Bennett (30 credits)
  • Module 6 – Leading Teacher Development with David Weston and the Teacher Development Trust (30 credits)
  • Module 7 – Comparing Educational systems in different countries with Lucy Crehan (30 credits)
  • Module 8 – Building a writing intensive classroom with Doug Lemov (30 credits)

To apply for this course you must:

  • have a degree from a UK University (2.2 or above) or equivalent
  • be working in a school

This degree works using a cumulative credit system. You can pick and choose the modules that suit you, alongside Module 2. Modules are worth either 30 or 60 credits. You need to achieve 180 credits in total to gain your Master’s degree.

You may already have qualifications that carry credit value:

  • Level 6 UK PGCE is worth 30 credits
  • Level 7 UK PGCE is worth 60 credits

If you already have 30 credits you need only do three of the above 30-credit modules, plus module 2.  If you already have 60 credits you need only do two of the above 30-credit modules, plus module 2 which is compulsory.

Candidates who finish with 60 credits may be awarded a Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Studies in Education.

Candidates who finish with 120 credits may be awarded a Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Studies in Education.

This course is paid for on a modular basis. Each 30 credit module will cost £1,000, the 60 credit module is £2000.

Applicants must also pay a non-refundable £275 registration fee.

If you take the full Master’s programme you may be eligible for a Postgraduate Master’s Loan. If you transfer credits into this programme then you would not be eligible for this funding.

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