computing students standing next to academic posters they have made

Poster Presentation Evening

7 August 2019

The Poster Presentation is one of the key outputs for the Undergraduate Project; this is an opportunity for second year students to present their work to a wider audience. In addition to University staff and lecturers there were guest representatives from Oxademy, IRIS, ZIZO Software, Cloudy Group, Siker Cyber Security, DT Transformations and Results Base.

Undergraduates were also joined by postgraduate research students who showcased some of the exciting research carried out by the School of Computing:


‘Persistent Homology to Detect Fake Face Images’ by our PhD student, Aras Asaad. His research explored the development of a tool to detect features in morphed images to define whether they are original or fake (this can be implemented to detect fake ID images).

‘Detecting Cyberbullying Based on a Psychological Model using Machine Learning’ by second year student, Fan Weiqi. This explored the development of an intelligence tool which could detect cyberbullying text using machine learning.


First year students were encouraged to attend to gain a better understanding of the projects and ideas they will be expected to produce in the second year of their degree.

Buckingham’s School of Computing courses allow students to develop their knowledge and understanding of Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Augmented and Virtual Reality and Web and Mobile Applications Development.

Through events such as these the School of Computing ensures that students across all multi-disciplinary areas are given opportunities to enhance their professional skills in preparation for the work environment.

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