Student Union Public Relations Officer

Georgina, Student Union PR Officer


About my role

As PR Officer, Georgina is in charge of making sure that students, and similarly staff, are kept in the loop and up-to-date on events and the goings on within the Student Union; through such outlets as the SU’s social media pages. Working closely with Marketing and different sectors of the university, she also works to support the Student Voice to make sure that student’s opinions and preferences are a top priority within the University.

About me

Growing up about an hour away from Buckingham, I joined the University as a commuting student in September 2018 to study Business and Management. Although I tried to get as involved as possible within the University, through becoming a Student Ambassador and attending a few OTM parties, the long drive home meant that I couldn’t take advantage of all of the opportunities the University had to offer. Hence, I decided to move to Buckingham in June 2019 which has allowed me to take up more activities such as, Netball, Hockey and attending more than a few OTM parties…

Although I’ve lost the luxury of living at home, it has also allowed me to spend more time and create a new kind of family with my friends, most of which I’m sure will remain friends for life.

What I’m working on

  • Advertising what’s going on in the University more clearly through social media
  • Finding more ways to connect potential and current students through social media, e.g. specific accommodation pages
  • Making sure the SU are investigating and taking advantage of group discounts for more accessible day events
  • Changing the ‘circus’ mirrors in the OTM downstairs toilets

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