Student Union President

Robin, Student Union President


About my role

Robindra’s duty as president includes holding a meeting once a week with his executives, attending various meetings as a representative of the University of Bucking and it’s student body. These meeting’s include, Council, chaired by the university Chancellor and Senate which includes the heads of all departments at the university. His role also includes managing his team of executives to make sure that all manifesto points are carried out to the best of the teams ability. His key manifesto point’s include.

  • Buckingham bikes initiative, creating a greener university.
  • A university app that shows students upcoming events.
  • A timetable app for all university students.
  • Achieving a discount for university students on the X-5 bus.
  • Peer to peer student tutoring system.
  • More weekend activities and more activities over the holiday period for international students.
  • Promotion of more non-alcoholic events.

About me

Hi! My name is Robindra (Robin). I am from Hertfordshire and came to The University of Buckingham for the two year degree, award winning teaching and the small tight-knit community that makes the University a homely and inviting place to be, and one I’m proud to be apart of.

My experience of serving the Buckingham community also includes the following:

  • Founding president of Philosophy society (2019—)
  • Founding member of extreme sports club (2019—)
  • Executive of Finance society  (2019-)
  • Captain of the Humanities team in the Chancellors cup  (2019)

What I’m working on

Discount for students on the X-5 bus: This is an initiative I am pleased to say I have achieved.

App for university event: This will be a platform where students can see all upcoming events at the university of Buckingham as well as showing students what societies and sport clubs the university offers.

Timetable app: This will be an app that allows university students to keep track of all lectures and tutorials.

Buckingham bikes: This is a green initiative that will give students an opportunity to hire bikes from the university for their personal use.

Tutoring System: This is a peer to peer tutoring system that students will be able to engage in.

Weekend activities: I have been promoting weekend activities for students and will continue to do so.

Non-alcoholic events: I have been promoting more non-alcoholic events and will continue to do so.

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