UK’s first Data Science apprenticeship at Masters Level

28 January 2019

The University of Buckingham has launched the country’s first ever Data Science apprenticeship at Masters Level to combat an urgent shortage of people with skills in this area.

It will be first time the University of Buckingham has offered an apprenticeship and it will produce expert data scientists by giving them the technological and business skills to transform their workplace.

The course has been created in association with data learning specialists AVADO who work with businesses to train staff to develop the skills needed to compete in a digital world.

Data scientists analyse data to help a business perform better. They use programing, statistics and probabilities and can implement solutions. Once the data has been analysed, they will find patterns, build algorithms and present this to their business. Demand within the industry is expected to soar 28% by 2020 with the European Commission warning that 346,000 more data scientists are needed by 2020.

The course will teach include business and entrepreneurship modules. Students will learn about artificial intelligence and statistics alongside modules such as marketing, sales, communication and presentation.

Dean of Computing Dr Harin Sellahewa said: Artificial Intelligence and Data Science are crucial to ensuring the UK is at the forefront of technological change. At Buckingham we’re at the heart of cutting edge research in AI and Data Science. We’re extremely proud to begin our partnership with AVADO for the new course.”

Deputy Chairman of AVADO Phil Hillah, added: “AVADO is delighted to deliver this new qualification in partnership with the University of Buckingham, the pioneers of the two-year degree. In a world where data knowledge is becoming increasingly expected on a CV, with businesses desperate to upskill in order not to get left behind, this innovative combined qualification looks to help tackle the UK’s shortage head on”

The course will start in April 2019 lasting 18 months. Companies will contact AVADO to place their existing employees or new recruits on the course to help improve their data science knowledge.

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