Two universities on opposite sides of the world unite to announce partnership plans

11 April 2019

Sir Anthony Seldon and Professor Tim Brailsford

The Vice Chancellors of the University of Buckingham and Bond University, this week signed a Memorandum of Understanding at Bond’s Gold Coast campus, outlining plans to exchange students and work towards research collaborations and the development of join international degree.

Vice-Chancellor of the University of Buckingham, Anthony Seldon said: “It’s a sensible thing to have two proud independent universities, both at the top of their countries for teaching and student experience to find a way to give students a novel experience.”

He said the collaboration was partly shaped by Brexit. “In every way, Britain is having to reach out and find new partnerships and new relationships. We can’t spend all our lives regretting that and we have to move out of the EU.”

Bond University was Australia’s first independent university and is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.

Bond University Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Tim Brailsford, said the students of both universities would initially have the opportunity to study at each others’ campuses.

He hoped research collaborations and staff exchanges would follow and both institutions would work towards developing a joint international degree to be offered from late 2020.

Sir Anthony Seldon giving a public lecture to staff and students

He said: “Our two institutions share a very common mission. Today represents the cementing of the bridge and our students have now got a pathway to cross that bridge.

“Despite the crazy world of geopolitics, education is still an absolute pillar of society.”

While on campus, Anthony delivered insight into Theresea May and Brexit at a public lecture and spoke with staff and students on a broad range of topics.