Students and staff come to pensioner’s aid after blaze

23 December 2015

University of Buckingham students and staff have helped an elderly woman whose home was gutted by fire by giving her essential items to make sure she feels loved this Christmas. Dandy Robertson, who lives on her own, lost her home in Buckingham in August when the grill caught fire as she watched TV and the blaze took hold. She was moved into a house on the same road but having lost a lot of possessions and with no family, people felt compelled to help.

Former dance teacher Dandy, who has lived in Buckingham for 70 years, said: “It’s very nice of them. When someone is that thoughtful – what can you say? It was a complete surprise, I just got a knock on the door. It’s so nice to think people are thinking of you.”

Alicia RobinsonSantander personal banker Julie Savage spoke to Dandy at the University Hunter Street branch as she collected her pension and was saddened to hear she would be on her own this Christmas. Julie got in touch with the University of Buckingham students and staff and with the help of Economics and Applied Computing student Alicia Robinson (photo on right), food boxes, blankets and pillows were delivered to Dandy. The bank also arranged for an oil heater and microwave to be delivered and students have agreed to do any DIY for Dandy when she moves back into her home in the New Year.

Alicia has set up a food bank at the University of Buckingham to help any students in need. She was granted a mobility award by Santander, which enables her to help forge links with other universities, for her charitable work.