Sir Anthony Seldon to leave the University of Buckingham

1 May 2020

Sir Anthony Seldon will leave the University of Buckingham on 1st October having completed his five-year term as Vice-Chancellor.  During that time, the University has expanded; it has raised more money in donations than in the previous 40 years; it has erected major new buildings in Buckingham and at Milton Keynes Hospital; it has brought in an entirely new senior leadership team; a new team of academic deans, a new Chancellor; it has forged close links with government and stakeholders at local, regional and national levels; it has set up the UN Institute, and has been a national pioneer in student wellbeing and positive psychology; and its new Medical School has graduated its first two cohorts of doctors.

Anthony Seldon says: ‘I’m incredibly proud to have led the University for the five years with its really remarkable staff, students and Council.  Being Vice-Chancellor has been a privilege as well as being a filial piety; 45 years ago, my father, Arthur Seldon was one of those who, along with Margaret Thatcher and Max Beloff, its first Vice-Chancellor, proposed the creation of Buckingham as Britain’s first independent university.  It has been so stimulating to work with such inspiring and committed colleagues, and the future for the University looks bright indeed. I am delighted that I am leaving behind such an outstanding senior leadership team to help transition the University into its next exciting phase after Covid-19’.

‘I have done much of what I wanted to do at Buckingham, and it is the time for a successor with a fresh vision to take it forward beyond Covid-19 over the next five years.  I will be taking a few months off to have a rest after I leave – something I haven’t done since I began my first job – before returning to work at the end of the year, refreshed and reinvigorated’.

Chair of Council, Rory Tapner says: “The University has been incredibly well served by Anthony during his 5 years as our Vice-Chancellor. He leaves us in a vastly better place than at any time in our history, and has developed a Senior Leadership Team capable of building on his considerable legacy.”

“I am sure fellow students will join me in expressing our deep gratitude for the Vice Chancellor’s leadership. We are proud of, and will certainly benefit from, the strong reputation that Anthony has helped build for the University of Buckingham.

He has always been supportive of the student executive, both during my tenures as a part-time officer, and also now – with the first two sabbatical officers working alongside part-time officers. I know that Anthony championed this initiative at Senate, which I attended as Vice President at the time. I am very grateful for his trust and celebration of students. Anthony was keen for us to be visible, heard, and supported.” – Daria Ermolenko, Students’ Union President