Professor David Jacques wins Archaeologist of the Year award

28 February 2023

David Jacques Congratulations to Professor David Jacques, winner of the Archaeologist of the Year 2023 award by Current Archaeology.

The award, now in its 15th year, aims to give recognition and celebrate projects featured within Current Archaeology magazine over the last 12 months.

Vice-chancellor James Tooley said: “David has done amazing work which has helped provide the back story to Stonehenge. He is a very deserving winner for all his painstaking work and great discoveries. Congratulations, David.”

David’s extraordinary work at Blick Mead over the last decade, originally starting in 2005, has led to significant digs and discoveries at Stonehenge, including the uncovering of the oldest settlement of the area. David’s work at Stonehenge has progressed significantly throughout the years, and continues to unearth further discoveries about why Stonehenge was built.

Current Archaeology David Jacques Press Release 2023