In the news – Spring-Summer 2017

10 July 2017

Over the summer, Professor Anthony Glees had, at one point, over 4,400 hits on the Google News tab, including interviews he has given to many major national and international newspapers and magazines reflecting national and international concerns with security and intelligence-related issues. Over the past months, he has appeared on television and radio, including Sky TV, BBC TV News, ABC (Australia); BBC Radio, both national and regional; various US radio stations, Swiss Radio, Austrian State Radio, Italian national Radio, French Radio and German national radio and German regional radio stations.

Recently, he contributed to a BBC Future’s essay on secret ‘Numbers Channels’:

Just before the Wimbledon Tournament, he did a TV interview for Dutch national TV, discussing (and dismissing) the likelihood of an Islamist attack on Wimbledon: good and tried security measures can and do deter terrorist attacks: (he appears at 38:25).

During the election period in June 2017 he gave two interviews to German national TV news on Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen:

An extended, 30-minute interview with Anthony was broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland, covering his academic career and interests (31 May 2017):

He was delighted to be asked to speak at Muenster Cathedral, along with the director of the Munich Security Conference and other notable figures in the field:

In April 2017 he spent several days in Abu Dhabi, at the invitation of the Ministry of Higher Education there, assessing a new security and intelligence programme for the UAE.