In the news – October 2016

1 October 2016

Professor Anthony Glees: Radio and TV appearances

  • Brexit on WDR, West German Radio.
  • Mrs May and Brexit policies on West German Radio WDR 1
  • the report that Yahoo allowed the NSA to mine its data on BBC World TV
  • border security issues in the wake of a massive increase in the theft of British passports, BBC Radio Scotland
  • the jihadi who was prevented from going to Daesh at taxpayers’ expense, BBC Oxford
  • interviewed on Hessischer Rundfunk on Brexit and Scotland
  • interviewed on Premier Christian Radio on church security (listen to interview)
  • religious practices and humane slaughter of animals on BBC Oxford
  • the Commons’ wish to see Sir Philip Green stripped of his knighthood on BBC Radio London’s Vanessa Feltz Programme
  • Britain and Germany in the context of Brexit by German National TV (ARD/ZDF) for a special one hour programme

Print appearances

  • ‘Hundreds of ISIS jihadis “slip back into Britain from Iraq and Syria”’, Daily Star, 9 October
  • ‘Almost 400 ISIS jihadis “have slipped back into BRITAIN from Iraq and Syria”’, The Express, 9 October
  • ‘Almost 400 ISIS jihadis trained in Iraq and Syria are now at large on Britain’s streets’, Daily Mail, 9 October
  • ‘Only 14 of 400 British ISIS fighters who returned to UK after fighting in Syria have been jailed’, The Mirror, 9 October
  • ‘Police denied access to terror intelligence’, Sunday Post, 11 October
  • ‘Edward Snowden leak suggests PSNI had access to web activity and phone records’, Irish News, 17 October

Other appearances

Professor Glees gave the keynote talk on “Britain’s Security in the post-Brexit environment” to the 4Secure Cybersecurity annual conference at the Imperial War Museum, London:

He gave a keynote lecture on “MI5 and the Soviet Intelligence War, 1939-45” at the University of Oxford’s Day School on “Cold War Espionage” at Rewley House.