A school age girl wearing an augmented reality headset

School pupils experience codebreaking and augmented reality at Buckingham

4 July 2018

A school age girl wearing an augmented reality headset

Head of Applied Computing Dr Harin Sellahewa and Dr Tuan Nguyen delivered the interactive codebreaking session at school for the 22 students.

Nick Davidson, Year 6 teacher at the school, near Buckingham, said: “The sessions were excellently resourced and delivered. The coding/cipher activity was perfect for a Year 6 group as it linked into lots of Maths, especially the algebra we start to study in Year 6. It was great to see algebra – which often seems abstract used to explain how the code can be broken.”

Dr Harin Sellahewa added: “One of the students was particularly inspired by this part of the session and wrote an encrypted note thanking us – definitely a codebreaker in the making!

“Our lecturing team enjoy going into local schools to demystify some of the misconceptions relating to Computing as a subject – including that it’s boring and only for boys! These practical sessions give children an insight into how computing technology influences their lives and show them that it is accessible to them both as a subject to learn more about now and as a potential future career path.”

For more details of courses involving coding and programming visit the University of Buckingham Applied Computing Department.