NYPD building with blue banner reading 'Welcome to the Police Headquarters'

BUCSIS awards two Scholarships for New York Police Department

29 August 2023

After a meeting in July with the head of NYPD’s Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism Department, BUCSIS has awarded the Department two scholarships for the Postgraduate Certificate in Covert Action, HUMINT and the Psychology of Intelligence Elicitation.

Programme lead, Dr Ian Stanier, stated that:

“The scholarships, which are part of BUCSIS’s Project Harpocrates, aim to promote intelligence as a career of choice for black and ethnic minority staff. I have worked with NYPD’s intelligence department for over 20 years and I’m excited to see such an innovative and forward-thinking department sharing our commitment to staff development in this important field.”

The Postgraduate programme has two entries a year (January and September) and is delivered entirely online. It can be undertaken part time or full time. People can qualify for the programme either by way of a first degree or relevant professional experience. It is open to ELCAS funding.