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Buckingham’s School of Computing has been awarded re-accreditation by a prestigious IT body

2 April 2019

Buckingham’s School of Computing has been awarded re-accreditation by a prestigious IT body.

British Computer Society (BCS), the Chartered Institute for IT, has accredited all of the University of Buckingham’s School of Computing’s undergraduate programmes for fully meeting the academic requirements.

The re-accreditation is under BCS’s Royal Charter, and they visit the university every five years to consider the school for accreditation. The programmes have been re-accredited by BCS for five years until 2024.

The accreditation is an additional benchmark of the standard and quality of the programmes. It provides independent recognition for the University of Buckingham, making students on computing courses stand out to employers.

It is granted to universities that meet high standards and offer content that specifically aims to assist students in gaining sound recognition in the IT field, amongst other things.

The panel particularly commended the School for “the approach to supporting the students, especially staff availability and approachability.” The Panel was particularly impressed by the care taken by the School to understand students’ prior achievement and facilitate entry at an appropriate point into the programme. And “the pervasive nature of the maths required to support the programmes and, in particular, the care taken to deliver customised support at an individual level”.

Interim Dean of Computing Dr Harin Sellahewa said: “The School of Computing offers innovative programmes that blend theory with practice to prepare Buckingham graduates for industries of the future. Collaboration, diversity, entrepreneurship, ethics, innovation and leadership are at the very heart our Computing programmes.

“The BCS accreditation is yet another indicator of quality and independent recognition of the two-year BSc (Hons) Computing programmes at the University of Buckingham.”

Students will obtain an accelerated Bachelors (Hons) degree in Computing, whilst being on an accredited programme that provides employers an indicator of quality.

The BCS noted that the undergraduate programmes were above the threshold for all criteria, such as: quality, academic and support staffing, facilities, student experience, assessment and Graduation.

The British Computer Society will return to the University of Buckingham in 2024 to consider the School of Computing for further re-accreditation.

The School of Computing aspires to become a leading centre for computing in the UK. For more information on the computing courses, visit our website.