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Buckingham praised for its high standards in the Lords

1 February 2019

The University of Buckingham has been commended in the House of Lords during a debate on two-year degrees.

A former Vice-Chancellor of Buckingham, Lord Luce, said: “Buckingham is near the top or often at the top for student satisfaction according to the National Student Survey and is top in the Government’s Teaching Excellence Framework. If one looks at the list of alumni, it is clear to see what they have achieved in life.”

Baroness Garden of Frognal added: “Buckingham has been at the forefront with considerable success and customer satisfaction.”

Lord Luce also congratulated Buckingham Vice-chancellor Sir Anthony Seldon, on his “courageous management of the university. ” James Younger, Viscount of Leckie, praised Sir Anthony saying that he had “been a leading light” in terms of promoting two-year degrees and had provided “inspirational leadership”.

The Viscount of Leckie revealed that in a survey conducted by the Student Loans Company, two-year degree undergraduates were extremely complimentary with an overwhelming 92% of students studying a two-year degree saying they were glad they chose a two-year course rather than a traditional degree.

He said that the students surveyed on the benefits of two-year degrees said that they were cheaper, faster and that it helped to keep them motivated throughout the process. They enjoyed the small class sizes and having more time with lecturers to ask direct questions.

One student said: “I feel I’m not wasting time. The course still allows me to volunteer and enjoy my hobbies, all with time to study. It also saves me a year.”

Another said: “It has not only meant that I get into a job quicker but it means that the work is constantly challenging me. It is super exciting to work like that.”

The survey also revealed the benefits of two-year degrees for mature students with one saying: “I am a mature student, a career changer, so this reduces the loss of earnings. Being older and saving a year’s worth of time is a big deal to me.”