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Dr Katia Mahn

Senior Lecturer in Neuroscience and Pre-Med CL

Dr Mahn is the Pre-med and Foundation course leader at The University of Buckingham. She read Biophysics at Humboldt University Berlin and did her PhD at King’s College London. Dr Mahn has spent more than 10 years teaching medical and dental students as well as those studying biomedical sciences. Most of her previous teaching experience is in physiology and pharmacology. She has helped biomedical graduates gain places at a variety of top medical and dental schools in the UK and abroad for the past five years.

Dr Mahn currently leads modules at levels 4 to 6. She teaches physiology and endocrinology at pre-med level. She teaches research skills and looks after the independent project module for our BSc students and teaches pharmacology to the level 5 students. Dr Mahn is the SAMO/ SAIA for biomedical sciences, advocating academic integrity.

Dr Mahn’s research interests include the physiology of excitable cells, especially smooth muscle cells in health and disease. She has worked on the role of smooth muscle cells in cardiovascular disease, lung disease and parturition

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